WS Filter

Water Softener Filter Cartridges

Apflex™ Series WS Filter Cartridges deliver softened water through the use of FDA-grade sodium-based, non-solvent-rinsed softening resin.


  • Manufactured with FDA-grade softener resin
  • Available in a variety of sizes for multiple applications
  • Utilize single-use resin technologies for maximum life grains (CaCo3) capacity
  • Sodium form
  • Designed for low water usage
  • Available in three sizes for use in Pentair Slim Line®, Standard, and Big Blue® Series filter housings
  • Effectively treat water in applications requiring low hardness and scale deposits with capacity ranging between 750 to 4,500 grains


  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Water/Desalination
  • Commercial Food Service Machines
  • Low Volume Beverage Machines

[tab:Product Operation]Apflex™ Series WS Cartridges are designed to allow optimal contact between water and resin surfaces, ensuring maximum ion exchange. The internal expansion pad minimizes channeling, while the post-filter eliminates any potential for bypass.

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