SureSafe™ Cartridge

Premium Hurricane® SureSafe™ Cartridge

These filters are fabricated with the latest in Silver Zeolite technology and provide antimicrobial protection on the cartridge.


  • Pleated design for more surface area
  • Utilizes Agion Silver Zeolite fibers
  • Agion Silver Zeolite is effective against more than 650 strains of bacteria, fungi and mold
  • Adion Zeolite is FDA tested and registered with the EPA
  • Engineered media for superior performance
  • Cleanable and reusable in most applications and micron ratings


  • Medical/Pharmaceutical
  • Water/Desalination
  • Food & Beverage

[tab:Product Operation]The Premium Hurricane SureSafeTM Cartridge operates at a maximum temperature rating of 140oF (60oC).

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