Molded Fiberglass

Molded Fiberglass Elements

Filtration Systems makes a wide range of fiberglass filter elements for natural gas purification. Our media is molded into seamless tubes and reinforced with phenolic resin.


  • A polyester felt outer drainage layer is added to improve
  • liquid-separation performance’ should read;
  • A membrane core wrap prevents media migration & 0.3 micron protection.


  • Gas Gathering
  • Dehydration Units
  • Sweetening Plants
  • Tail Gas Treaters
  • Gas Separation
  • Sewage
  • Landfill & Disgester Gas
  • Cogeneration Facilities

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Our fiberglass gas filters are used extensively in such diverse applications as gas gathering, dehydration units, sweetening plants, tail-gas treaters, industrial gas separation, sewage, landfill and digester gas, and cogeneration facilities.

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