MicroSentry™ MS Series Cartridges

Our equipment makes achieving precision patterns a matter of standard procedure. Our state of the art computerized production machinery takes the variables out of custom string winding and enables us to produce filter cartridges that are accurately wound from a single strand of specially selected fibrous roving material, wound around a perforated core in a nearly perfect geometric pattern.


  • MicroSentry wound cartridges can be produced from a wide range of materials
  • A wide range of 0.5-150 microns filtration, depending on your requirement for removal of solids from liquids, compressed air or gases
  • MicroSentry Cartridges are independently tested to have the highest efficiencies in the industry
  • Available in lengths up to 40”
  • Different end cap configurations available to fit your specific requirements


  • RO Pre-filters
  • Food and Beverage
  • Potable Water
  • Electronics
  • Waste Waster
  • Photographic & Chemical Solutions
  • Commercial & Residential Applications
  • Process Water

[tab:Product Operation] With standard lengths to fit most filter housings, these cartridges are the perfect choice when economy and efficiency are critical. The broad range of media & cores available offer filters that can perform in temperatures ranging from 82 °C to 402 °C.

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