High Purity – Electronics Grade Nylon 6,6 & Plus+ Nylon 6,6

High Purity – Electronics Grade Nylon 6,6 & Plus+ Nylon 6,6

Hydrophilic Nylon 6,6 for Liquid Applications

Electronics Grade Nylon 6,6 Cartridges are naturally hydrophilic requiring no surface treatments that can leach into your process. Electronics Grade Cartridges are available in both our standard and Plus+ grades. The Plus+ grade membrane is modified with a high positive charge for removal of endotoxins and small negatively charged contaminants. All Electronics Grade Cartridges are flushed with 18 megohm high purity water to minimize extractable. Each cartridge is also individually integrity tested.


  • Manufactured from materials which are listed for food contact applications in Title 21 of the US Code of Federal Regulations
  • Stainless Steel insert option is available for cartridges being hot water sanitized or steam sterilized
  • All polypropylene components meet the specifications for biological safety per USP Class VI – 121 C for plastics
  • Cartridges are chemically compatible with most chemicals and sanitizing agents

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General Grade Nylon 6,6 Cartridges are used in drinking water, wine, soft drinks, electronics – photoresists, pharmaceutical, fermentation and endotoxin removal applications.

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