What’s New From CPS Filtration, Inc.

At CPS Filtration Inc., we’re dedicated to making sure that our customers are on the forefront of what’s happening within our company as well as in the filtration industry. We want our customers to be right there with us as we continue to rapidly expand and receive more press. We’ve dedicated this page to help keep all of our followers up-to-date with all the developments of CPS Filtration and the latest industry news.As one of the biggest water filter distributors in Canada, we will also be attending a number of conferences and trade show events to further promote our brand and services. These events and conferences will, of course, be posted up in this section when they are announced.Make sure to keep checking back to this section regularly for the latest news on CPS Filtration!

CPS Filtration, Inc. Is Expanding

As further evidence of CPS Filtration expanding our operations, we have opened a new branch! Located in Grande Prairie AB, this new location will further help us in our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the very best in terms of value and service.

New CPS Filtration Branch in Edson AB

Good news! CPS Filtration, Inc. has launched a new branch in Edson AB.

New CPS Filtration Branch in Grande Prairie AB

Good news! CPS Filtration, Inc. has launched a new branch in Grande Prairie AB.

With this expansion, we can further improve our business operations. It follows our philosophy of being the best that we can be, and giving us an added dimension to deliver our customers with an unparalleled level of service and value.

As a direct result of our growth, we will be able to provide an even wider range of services to the people of Grande Prairie as well as surrounding areas. This new expansion is a huge step for us in becoming the leader of all filtration distribution in North America.

To check out our new branch, visit:

Unit 41, 10001-101 Ave – Grande Prairie AB T8V 0X9

This expansion has been made possible thanks to the filtration products we supply, so make sure to browse the range we have on offer! Also don’t forget to connect with us on social media – we’re available on Google+, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

6th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum

The sixth Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum was attended by CPS Filtration. Our booth displayed a number of filtration products and discussed how they can be used by those in the mining industry. The event continued with many helpful and enlightening forums and discussions about the current developments and innovations in the mining industry.

CPS Filtration at the 6th Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum

This past April marked the sixth installment of the Annual Saskatchewan Mining Supply Chain Forum, and CPS Filtration was in attendance at the event.

Topics covered during this two-day forum included supplier information in the mining industry and what current opportunities are available to become a provider of equipment and/or services within the industry.

As a ready supplier of filtration products to companies involved in mining, CPS Filtration Inc. attended the event and explained how the mining industry can be benefitted by our wide range of filters and other technologies.

With that said, we would like to thank all those that attended the show and took the time to visit our booth. If you couldn’t make it, then we will see you at the next event!

Global Petroleum Show

The Global Petroleum Show is one of the biggest annual events on the calendar for those involved in the oil and gas industry. The event is centered on promoting companies that display corporate excellence and innovation. With the show all about promoting those that display corporate excellence and innovation amongst other things, so, naturally, CPS Filtration was right at home as an exhibitor at this year’s event.

CPS Filtration at the Global Petroleum Show

The Global Petroleum Show, which has been a fixture since 1968, is one of the biggest annual attractions for leaders in the oil and gas industry – recognizing innovation and corporate excellence in some of today’s best corporations.

As an industry leading company ourselves, CPS Filtration was one such exhibitor.

At the show, CPS Filtrations promoted products such as our bag filters, carbon filters, gas filters, and pretty much everything that we stock that makes us stand out from the rest. The positive response we received from all those that visited our booth was a further testament that we are doing things right.

To all attendees and exhibitors, we thank you for coming to the show and stopping by to our booth. We will be back in 2015, so we will see you again at the next event!

Peace Region Petroleum Show

The Peace Region Petroleum Show is attended by thousands of visitors during the event. With this being the 10th installment of the biennial event, CPS Filtration was on hand to showcase our products and how they can be of help to the environment. We will also be back in 2015 to do the same thing!

CPS Filtration at the Peace Region Petroleum Show

The Peace Region Petroleum Show is a biennial event that is attended by thousands of visitors. With a focus on the local environment, CPS Filtration was a part of the show as one of the exhibitors. We showed how our filtration systems can help a variety of industries in staying green to the benefit of their local area.

CPS Filtration Inc. would like to thank and congratulate all of the visitors, organizers and other exhibitors attending the 10th Biennial Peace Region Petroleum Show. We hope to see you all back for another successful show next year.

Make sure to join us at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie, AB. for the 11th Biennial Peace Region Petroleum Show in 2015! The two day event takes place May 14-15.

ISA Edmonton Exhibit & Conference

THE ISA Edmonton Exhibit & Conference was once again a success, putting the spotlight on local industries that are all about innovation. CPS Filtration participated as an exhibitor at the event, showcasing our range of filtration products that combine practicality with pioneering attributes that make them – and us – stand out from the rest.

ISA Edmonton Exhibit & Conference with CPS Filtration

The 2014 ISA Edmonton Exhibit & Conference was held this year on April 30th and May 1st. With its focus on local innovation, CPS Filtration was one of the exhibitors at the event.

Supplying our customers with some of the most state-of-the-art filtration products from some of the most inventive manufacturers of such items, We enjoyed representing and meeting everyone through our booth at this show. We look forward to serving all of the new customers that observed our display.

To everyone that attended and put on their own exhibit, we thank you. We are also very appreciative of everyone that took the time to visit our booth and discover what CPS Filtration is all about. For those that will be attending the next event in the ISA Edmonton Exhibit & Conference schedule, we will see you there!