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Global Filter

Carbon Steel Bag Housings

Our Carbon Steel Bag Vessels are designed to offer a high-quality and economical solution to applications that do not require stainless steel construction.

Band-Clamp Cartridge Housings

GTCHB Series Multi Cartridge Vessels are designed for industrial and commercial applications.

Multi-Bag Bag Filter Housings

Our Stainless Steel Multi-Bag vessels are designed for high flow and/or high contaminant load applications where clean effluent is critical.


GTCH Series Multi-Round Cartridge Vessels are designed for industrial and high purity applications.

Economy Single – Bag Housings

Our Stainless Steel series single bag vessels offer a more economical solution to your bag filtration requirements.


GFHD1 Series Cartridge Vessels are designed with a single compression ring, which allows for easy-access and use in a wide variety of applications.

GBFV82 Bag Filter Housings

The Twin-Capacity Bag Vessels are designed to meet and/or exceed nearly all application requirements.