We carry a large selection of carbon filters that represent a broad spectrum of carbon filtration technologies.

Carbon Filters

TSGAC Granular Activated

The Carbflex™ Series TSGAC Cartridges provide superior water filtration performance and outstanding protection, effectively reducing chlorine taste and odor, rust stains and scale deposits.

CGAC-10 Granular Carbon

The Carbflex™ Series CGAC-10 Granular Activated Carbon Cartridges utilize advanced activated carbon technology, which results in excellent chloramine reduction as well as superior chlorine reduction.

GAC Granular Activated Carbon

The Carbflex™ Series GAC Cartridges effectively reduce unwanted tastes, odor and chlorine taste & odor from your drinking water, based on internal testing.

OAC-20BB Oil Adsorbing

The Carbflex™ Series OAC-20BB Oil Absorbing Filter Cartridge is made from modified cellulose-based filter media to chemically bond with hydrocarbons and other pollutants.

CFB-Plus Modified Molded Block

The Carbflex™ Series CFB-Plus Modified Molded Block Filter Cartridges offer the same benefits of CFB products while providing even greater chlorine taste & odor reduction and the highest sediment reduction levels found in a carbon cartridge.

CFB Modified Molded Bloc

The Carbflex™ Series CFB Filter Cartridges provide the effective cholrine taste & odor reduction found in traditional carbon block media while offering excellent sediment reduction capabilities.

CFB-PB10 Lead Reduction

The Carbflex™ Series CAF-250 Lead Reduction Modified Molded Block Cartridges offer highly effective chlorine taste & odor, cyst and lead reduction found in traditional carbon block media while offering premium sediment filtration.