Apflex™ Series

Apflex™ Series

WS Filter

Apflex™ Series WS Filter Cartridges deliver softened water through the use of FDA-grade sodium-based, non-solvent-rinsed softening resin.

PCF Mixed Bed Deionization

Apflex™ Series PCF Cartridges have been developed in response to the requirements for deionized water in many industries.


Radial Flow Reduction

Apflex™ Series RFFE20-BB Radial Flow Iron Reduction Cartridges easily and effectively reduce up to 3ppm of dissolved iron from water to improve flavoe by reducing the metallic taste caused by iron.


PCC Crystal Filter

Apflex™ Series PCC Hexametaphoshate Crystal Cartridges are effective for treating scale, corrosion and iron problems for up to six months at various flow rates and feed concentrations.