Teflex™ Series

Absolute PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridges

Teflex™ PTFE Membrane Cartridges are available for general purpose filtration and for the specialized needs of the food and beverage, electronics and high-purity chemical industries.


  • Hexametaphosphate crystals help prevent lime and scale deposits
  • Effective for treating corrosion and iron problems
  • Three unique designs to fit multiple applications
  • Variety of media volumes and flow rates
  • Manufactured with all FDA-grade materials
  • PCC-212 and PCC-218 cartridges are designed to fit Pentair 3G® Standard #10 or Slim Line® filter housings
  • PCC-1 cartridge is designed to fit in 3G® Standard #10 housings only

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The Teflex™ Absolute*-rated PTFE Membrane Cartridges combine polypropylene with polytetrafluoroethylene for electronics, food and beverage, and general purpose applications. The endcaps, center cores and outer support cages are constructed of polypropylene for increased durability.

Sanitation/sterilization is performed on all cartridges according to membrane/application using one or more of the following methods: filtered hot water, autoclave, in-line steam, and industry standard chemicals.


  • Chemicals
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Industrial
  • Deionized Water Systems
  • General Use Water
  • Post-filter for RP system

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