Polypropylene Housings

All Natural Polypropylene Liquid Cartridge Housings

All Natural Polypropylene Cartridge Housings help maintain high standards of purity and performance required in critical contamination control systems and processes.


  • All Natural polypropylene components – no fillers, colorants,
    plasticizers or lubricants
  • Economical alternative to fluoropolymer, Stainless Steel, or Teflon®
  • Ultra-smooth contact surfaces prevent bacterial adhesion and build-
  • Resists deionized water and other inorganic solutions
  • Resists stress cracking
  • Viton® O-rings for dependable sealing
  • 0.75” NPT inlet & outlet threads
  • Compatible with most manufacturers


  • Deionized & Reagent Grade Water
  • Electronic Grade Chemicals (See Compatibility Chart)
  • Reagent Grade Chemicals
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetic
  • Freons (TF, 113)
  • Electronic Etching Solutions
  • Magnetic Coatings (Tape, Disc or Card)
  • Reverse Osmosis or Ultrafiltration Final Filters

[tab:Product Operation] Housings are designed to operate at a maximum of 100 PSIG & 100oF.

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