Panel Filters Series


Panel Filters Series

Filtration Systems’ air filters use various grades of cellulosic paper media, made from wood fibers and bonded with polymeric resins for added strength and washable durability.


  • A variety of media for all types of applications that optimizes design for high flow, flame retardant or moist conditions
  • Our computer controlled pleater makes sharp straight consistent folds which leads to better air flow characteristics
  • Our patented Poron® urethane gasket resists compression-set thus allowing filter to seal better and improve performance
  • Our frame is constructed using a rigid 4-piece metal frame with recessed channel at corners to eliminate leakage for better performance


  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Power
  • Pulp & Paper

[tab:Product Operation] The large engine panels are reinforced for heavy duty use. They feature a washable media and a resilient “Poron” gasket for extended service life. Flame-retardant, high flow and water-repellant media are available, to fit your specific requirements. Our cab panel media is designed for low flow restriction, while our turbine engine media is blended for high efficiencies and rupture strength.

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