Polysulfone Pleated Membrane (PS)

Polysulfone Pleated Membrane Cartridges (PS)

Our hydrophilic polysulfone membrane is suitable for use in a wide range of critical water and aqueous filtration applications.


  • Highly Asymmetric Polysulfone Membrane Media
  • Absolute Rated at >99.9% E?ciency with Retention Ratings from 0.05 to 0.8 µm
  • Superior Flow Rates and Long Service Life
  • High Purity Polypropylene Hardware
  • End Con-gurations to Fit Most Housings
  • Rinse-up to 18 Megohm with a Minimum Throughput
  • Pre-rinse Option Available
  • Surface Area = 6.1 ft (0.57 m ) per 10” (25.4 cm) 2 2

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Hudrophilic Polysulfone Membranes are used in deionized water systems, general-use water fiiltration, liquid clarification, recirculating fluids & chemical filtration.


  • Deionized Water Systems
  • General-Use Water Filtration
  • Liquid Clarification
  • Recirculating Fluids
  • Chemical Filtration

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