At CPS Filtration, we stock the largest selection of high-quality filtration products throughout Canada. From liquid filters to compressed gas filters, we have the most varied selection of filter-related items in the country.

Thanks to our knowledge and experience with all things filters, we know which products to stock and can also recognize what filtration system our customers are looking for. Regardless of the industry or specific product requirements, CPS Filtration has the right filtration device to do the job.

Our product categories – as seen below – include bag filters, carbon filters, cartridge filters, coalescer elements and much more. Within each of these categories you will find more specific products, such as sock filters and intake air filters for example, and the manufacturers that provide them. This diverse range ensures that we have the correct product in stock for our customers at all times and, as a result, we can provide the optimum level of service that our reputation has been built upon.

Along with the wide variety of filters on offer, we also provide filter housings to meet all of your filtration requirements. Our filter housings are available in a number of different variations, with numerous materials, sizes and configurations taken into account to match the needs of the customer.

All of the products that we supply are from only the most prevalent, well-respected manufacturers in the filtration sector. Working alongside such esteemed companies gives us added reassurance that all of the products we supply are the best our customers can acquire. Our close partnership with these manufacturers also means that we can offer these products at a very reasonable price that few, if any of our competitors, can match.

To browse the selection of products we have on offer, click on any of the category links below:


Bag Filters

Economical filtration for a wide array of applications.


Coalescer Elements

Synthetic microfiber coalescers offer a choice of specialized binders and fibers for resistance to corrosive gases, chemicals and extreme temperatures


Carbon Filters

We carry a large selection of carbon filters that represent a broad spectrum of carbon filtration technologies.


Cartridge Elements

Premium quality pleated cartridges deliver high-purity filtration with minimal maintenance for a variety of industrial applications.


Depth Filters

We offer a wide selection of depth filtration media & depth filter technologies.


Compressed Gas Elements

We offer a wide selection of In-Line Compressed Air Cartridge Elements.



We offer a complete line of filter vessels for all applications. CRN & ASME U Stamp certification is available upon request.


Filtration Solutions

Contact CPS Filtration Inc. for all your specialized filtration requirements.