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Global Filter Corp

HF and HF3 High Flow (PP & FG)

The Global HF Series High Flow Cartridges address your need for absolute rated filter cartridges in high flow rate applications.

General Grade Teflon®

General Grade Teflon® Cartridges are designed for multi-purpose use wherever a cost effective Teflon® membrane cartridge is required.

Food & Beverage Grade Nylon

Food and Beverage Grade Nylon 6,6 Cartridges are naturally hydrophilic requiring no surface treatments that can leach into your process.

Food & Beverage Grade – PES

Food & Beverage Grade Hydrophilic Polyethersulfone (PES) Membranes have been designed to comply with all FDA requirements for the food industry.

Polysulfone Pleated Membrane (PS)

Our hydrophilic polysulfone membrane is suitable for use in a wide range of critical water and aqueous filtration applications.