About Us

CPS Filtration Inc. was founded in May of 2007. Since our inception, we have strived CPS Filtration distributors - Filters products - Bag filters - Carbon Filters - Sherwood Park - Alberta - Canada to be the preferred supplier of quality products in the Canadian Filtration Industry. We commit to serve you with respect, honesty and integrity. At CPS Filtration, “Quality is everyone’s job!”

Mission Statement

In everything we do, we are the company of choice for quality filtration products by providing superior value and exceptional customer service. We will ‘Make a Difference’ with our customers, suppliers and employees.



Our goals ensure ongoing development:


– Partners: Develop mutually beneficial relationships with our Customers & Suppliers alike.
– People: Inspire our employees to attain the highest level of professionalism and pride.
– Product: To offer the best products, value and solutions to our customers.
– Environment: Working to benefit the environment through our actions and product offerings.
– Work Environment: ‘Working to Live not Living to Work.’



As a company and individuals, we share the following values:


– Quality: “Always focus on what is important to our customer.”
– Integrity: “Be honest, ethical and fair in everything we do.”
– Leadership: “Lead through actions and respect.”
– Loyalty: “In business together, forever.”
– Success: “Continuously Improve through education, technology and market evaluation.”


Quality Statement

At CPS Filtration Inc. we endeavor to be the leading supplier of quality filtration equipment supplies to the marketplace. We understand that quality is based on what our customers expect in the products and services they require each day.

Our objective is to implement quality and continuous improvement into every aspect of our business. This includes, but is not limited to:


– Partnering only with Suppliers/Manufactures that offer high quality products, support and services.
– Ongoing training and product knowledge seminars for all staff.
– Internal branch & operations reviews.